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Meet the Team

The People Who Provide the Care


Dr. Jill L. Fuini

Licensed Psychologist PA/NJ, Owner

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Mary Jule Eichman

Licensed Pyschologist, Semi-retired

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Philip Rusche

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Shannon Barnes

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jill L. Fuini, Ph. D.

Guiding you toward the authentic life you deserve

Dr. Jill has over a decade of experience here at PNPG. She earned her Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia. She is a licensed psychologist credentialed through the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is her belief that it is necessary to build a strong therapeutic alliance based on trust and and feeling safe at PNPG. It is her hope that this relationship can yield the progress and results patient's and families desire. Dr. Jill has extensive training and clinical experience in assessing and treating adolescents, teens and adults with diverse psychiatric diagnoses. Specifically, she conducts evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy with teens diagnosed with various behavioral and mood disorders. She is trained to manage high risk patients. She utilizes a combination of dialectical behavioral therapy with acceptance and commitment therapy components. In addition, she works with adults dealing with stage of life concerns and transitions. One specific area of interest is helping teens and their families manage generation-specific challenges (technological addictions, independent living skills, communication concerns, maladaptive coping) which may hinder emotional, social, and academic success. She works extensively with Anxiety, Panic Disorder, OCD and Depression. Dr. Fuini also facilitates the complicated transition to college for students with a mental health history. She provides psychiatric evaluations for students to pursue disability/support services at the campus of choice. She is knowledgable in the area of career development and assessment as ancillary services offered.

Mary Jule Eichman, Ed. S.

Giving you the skills to create a solid mind body connection

Julie earned her B.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  She also has a M.S. in Learning and Behavior Disorders and an Ed. S. in School Psychology from Lehigh University.  Julie worked for 20 years as a special education teacher, learning disabilities specialist, and school psychologist in Washington DC, San Francisco, and the Lehigh Valley.  She is a licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and is Board Certified in EEG Biofeedback. Over the past ten years she has focused on combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with mind/body integrative practices to promote effective coping skills and stress management in children, adolescents and adults. Julie harbors extensive experience with behavioral and developmental conditions of children and parents. In addition, she provides case specific consultation services regarding educational  and behavioral planning for students with disabilities. She specializes in short term therapy to treat many diagnostic conditions.

Philip Rusche, LCSW

Deepening relationships through connection and communication

Phil is a licensed clinical social worker. He earned his Bachelor of Music at the Peabody Institute of Music from Johns Hopkins University. Phil garnered his Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. He holds several certifications, specifically in the areas of geriatric studies and marriage and family therapy. Over his career of in the human services field, Phil held numerous positions of leadership and supervisory roles in multiple clinical settings. Phil has been in private practice for 20 years and although his interests are varied, his areas of speciality are adults, couples and family therapy. He strives to increase effective and healthy communication to decrease conflict in relationships. He is certified in providing pre-marital, marital, couples and family therapy. Phil also sees adolescents and adults with a diverse range of psychiatric issues including depression and anxiety. He often collaborates with his patients psychiatry team or primary care doctor to facilitate continuity of care in terms of treatment and medication management. Phil's therapy approach involves integrating humor into his active transtheoretical/introspective style. He challenges the thinking and behavior as agents of change for his patients.

Shannon Barnes, LPC

Shannon earned her B.A. with a focus in psychology and sociology and M.A. in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Portland State University in Oregon. Shannon worked for 18 years with disenfranchised adolescents with experiences in mental health, homelessness, criminal activity, and independent living. Her most recent experience is working with adults experiencing chronic health impairments in educational, vocational, and mental health. She utilizes a mixture of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). She specializes in Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Health, and healing significant trauma.

Acceptance and life balance starts the heart rooted healing

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